December in New York

Both of us have gone to New York City a few times before but have never spent our trip being true New Yorkers. We wanted to walk down Broadway with several shopping bags in hand while wearing fabulous heels and eating at magical restaurants overlooking Central Park. So with that goal in mind, we made a point for it to happen… in our own way.

We walked down Broadway, in heels, hoping that this block was the last, our feet were throbbing, taxi drivers were intense, and our bank accounts were draining. But the life, the culture, the attractions and the…. SHOPPING, was 100% worth it! Our most used line during the trip was, “this is SO magical”, and it was in every single way.


Tavern on the Green exceeded every expectation we had. The servers were kind and made sure you were taken care of, the atmosphere was beautiful, light and clean, and the food… we could go on for days, the food was amazing! Highly recommended.

IMG_4378 copy


This was probably the cutest thing we had seen during the trip! This little boys mom placed her son in the middle of the John Lennon memorial, surrounded him with flowers and the whole crowd was making funny faces at him so he would smile for the camera. Too cute!

12375056_10208615776535945_332882747683160940_o copy

12273697_10208622845272659_2882854072417393829_o copy

The people of NYC are so unique, full of life, and so inspirational.

IMG_4402 copy

IMG_4439 copy

We finished our trip with a trip to Macy’s, drank some champagne, did some shoe shopping and ate some delicious chocolate croissants.


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