Top Swimsuits for Spring Break 2016

No matter what your plans are for Spring Break, a new swimsuit is probably in order. While we’re currently stuck in the chillier months, a little swimsuit shopping is hard to resist. Here are our top swimsuit picks for Spring Break 2016 that are sure to make an impression at the beach, the pool, or wherever you find yourself basking in the sun.

Bright crochet bikin

1. Crocheted top. Add a little top flair with a crocheted design bikini. You’ll be seeing tons of different designs like this in 2016. Channel your inner bohemian babe with a funky crocheted top and bold print bottoms; a look that is sure to stun!

2. High necklines. Goodbye itsy-bitsy triangle bikini, hellooo sexy high necks. There are tons of different ways to wear a high neck bikini, and we are loving them all. This style is great for any body type. Whether you like the bold bohemian prints or a solid neutral color, you’ll be sure to find a high neck bikini to rock this Spring Break.


Plunging neckline bikini

3. Plunging neckline. In contrast to the high neck bikini, is the deep plunge one-piece. We are loving this all-white braided style paired with high-waisted shorts, making it easy to turn your suit into a fun outfit.


4. Sporty-chic spice. Sporty swim is in! One-piece, doesn’t matter, this look is stunning. Get your beach run on and don’t be afraid to dive in with these simple yet bold suits.


5. Tropical Prints. The perfect suit no matter where you are. Blend in with your tropical surroundings or bring them to your own poolside. Tropical prints are so in for 2016, and oh so hot.

High waisted bikini

6. High-waisted Cutouts.  One word, YES. Don’t be afraid to strut around in a high-waisted suit with some fun cutout designs. If you’re wanting a little extra coverage without completely covering up, this is the suit for you. Rock it, girl!


7. Strap up. Looking for something simple but eye catching? A solid color biking that plays with straps might be just what you’re looking for. Worth the strange tan lines, no doubt!



8. Feminine Florals. Channel you’re inner girly girl with a floral print bikini. It’s a fun, relaxed look you can feel confident in this Spring Break.


Soft Neutrals

Which trend is your favorite?


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