We disliked each other, for no reason at all.

Finding “your person” can be difficult, especially since we live in a world where we are constantly judged by what we look like, how we act, where we are from, and so on. And that is exactly how we first met.

We were judging each other by one another’s appearance, by the fact that we both have got the “resting bitch face”, and because we tend to keep to ourselves at times. We didn’t like each other, for absolutely no reason at all. We didn’t know each other, we didn’t even know each others names, but we knew we didn’t like one another. We fell into the norm of society where we judged one another by how we think that person acts or thinks, etc. we didn’t stop to wonder if that’s just all in our heads. It wasn’t until a group project that we mutually decided, hey that girl isn’t that bad. We didn’t even know it, but in a couple months we were going to become each others shoulder to cry on, each others lunch/wine dates and each others “person”.


So girls, let’s start giving one another chances, let’s stop assuming we hate one another, or that we’re probably rude, or annoying, etc. lets try to give one another a chance to become best friends. Because that’s what we did, and now we’re writing blog posts together, going on adventures, having dance parties, throwing snow and having a complete blast knowing that together, we are going to accomplish our dreams.

IMG_5223 (1)


Next time you’re sitting in class or work or where ever you might be, give that girl a chance, that girl that might have the “resting bitch face” or the girl that keeps to herself, you never know what kind of friendship might grow out of it. That girl might be the one person you need to accomplish your dreams.



And always remember, just because you had an argument or she might be getting on your nerves for that one day, do not give up on your friendship! We all fall into that trap, we over think it and make it a bigger deal than it is and as girls do, we stop talking to one another and instead start talking about one another. Learn to fight and be vocal about your thoughts and opinions, that’s the only way anything will ever get figured out and resolved. Friendships are like relationships, you have to work at them each and every day.


Thanks for reading loves!