The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

We all the know the scene. The date is February 14th. While all the couples are out on their fantastical dates, there’s a weeping single watching cheesy movies with a box of chocolates, guzzling wine or an outraged ex burning pictures, tearing apart teddy bears, and also guzzling wine.

But what about those of us who are content with the single life? What’s Valentine’s Day for the single people who aren’t wishing for something new or reminiscing on something past. Here are 8 ways to treat yourself if you’re date-less on Valentine’s Day in the Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day.

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1. Breakfast In Bed

Image source:  My Daily Bubble

There is nothing wrong with making yourself breakfast then crawling back in to bed to eat it. Stay in your pajamas, make yourself something nice, then relax and enjoy! The best part is you don’t have to worry about trying to look cute first thing in the morning. Feeling bubbly? Try this Rosé Slushy.

2. Go Shopping

What better way to indulge than a little shopping trip. Need new shoes? New books? New home decor? Go splurge! It’s a holiday!

3. Throw A Party!


Throw a few parties even! Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year so take that time to get together with your friends. We suggest a Galentine’s Day party for the ladies, filled with glitter, balloons, and champagne. Or just a fun night on the town with your favorite group. Try having everyone picking their favorite spot and see if you can hit them all or try a new place you’ve all never been to before. And of course, dress up for the occasion!

4. Pop In Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure

We’ve all got one. That movie you’re afraid to admit might be your favorite. It could be a movie from your childhood you still can’t get enough of or that cheesy romance with the actor you drool over. Whatever it is, put in, order takeout and don’t worry about anybody judging you or complaining that it was their turn to pick the movie. Order some takeout or try this healthy popcorn recipe for a snack.

5. Try A New Move


Get your body moving a little, it will thank you for it. Whether you’re a fitness guru or not, trying something that you enjoy and challenges you is fun. Try a new form of yoga or learn the dance moves from your favorite music video.

6. Love Your #selfie

gallery-1452027306-17 Image source : Cosmopolitan

What better way to document your fabulous day by yourself than with selfies? You know you look good, so take a few pics! Don’t worry about posting multiples if you can’t pick your best, chances are they’ll get lost in the flood of couple’s posting the meal they ate together anyways.

7. Get To Work!

Chances are there are some To-Do’s on your list you’ve been putting off for awhile or maybe a book you bought awhile ago that you haven’t had time to read. Head to your favorite coffee shop and get to work! Taking time to accomplish something will make you feel great!

8. Spahhh Day


When you think of indulgence, a spa day is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. Book a massage, paint your nails, try a DIY facial at home, lounge in the bath (don’t forget the candles)…whatever you do to relax and feel glamorous, make sure you time for it today!

9. Stargaze

When is the last time you laid under the stars? If the weather allows, head outside to lay under the stars and unwind at the end of the day. It’s a good time to relax without any interruptions.

10. Lastly, Set Some Goals


Find sometime to think or meditate on some goals you have, specifically for your love life. Now, we just went over plenty of ways to love when you’re single so the horizon is broad here. To begin, think about what you want for yourself, what you want to get out of life, and how love plays into that. Taking time out of your day to clear your head and shift your focus is so important. It will make such a difference and you may discover some answers you didn’t know were there. Use them, and move forward as the fabulous single you already are!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, couples and singles alike! Hope your day is filled of love and fun!


Andrea & Whitney



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