Just a Date on the Calendar

Let’s get real… as a girl we set the bar very high when it comes to our expectations for Valentine’s Day. We want there to be a candle lit room, a bouquet of roses, magical snow falling while you dance in the street, and a carriage ride through the enchanted forest. But guess what, the room will be probably lit up by the lamp in the corner, you might get half a dozen roses, it will be raining, and the carriage will be a car that probably needs a wash inside and out. And honestly, who cares. Every single day should feel like Valentine’s Day, yes some days can be rough, some days you want to devour ice cream while you cry to The Notebook, but other days you should be building blanket forts, cuddling, eating an overload of chocolate, and loving the guy that calls you beautiful even on your bad days.

Like you might have read in the About page, everyday I get to come home to the most caring and heart warming guy ever (& whose in love with Starbursts)! I really kind of think I’m obsessed with him, everything from his personality, to how well he treats me, oh and he’s nice to look at… He’s a guy I fall asleep holding hands with and a guy I wake up to kissing my forehead. It wasn’t until I met him that I realized, Valentine’s Day is just a date on the calendar. Because every single day I honestly wonder how did I get so lucky? I have come home on several occasions with a bouquet of roses waiting for me, a room lit up with candles, blanket forts, an abundance of chocolate, and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day, just a normal day in the week.

So this Valentine’s Day don’t expect the most magical night of your life, instead remember the times he has randomly bought you those flowers or lit up a room with candles. Remember those moments he has showed you how much he loves you and has gone above and beyond to make you happy, remember the moments you played outside while a blizzard was happening and remember the moments when you were in public and it felt like you two were the only ones in the world.

Spend this Valentine’s Day reminiscing together on all the beautiful moments you shared this past year rather than expecting the most magical day, appreciate one another and be thankful for what this past year has brought you.




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