5 Course Meal in 5 Places

Finding things to do in Minnesota, where Winter lasts more than half the year, can be difficult. But, if you’re food and wine lovers like us, you’ll love this five courses in five places night out.

We set out on an adventure to find the best 5 course meal, with a spin. Too often, we go to just one restaurant,eat, drink, and then go home and call it a night. Would you do that in the summer? Probably not, you would walk around a bit, eat, go grab a drink, have some ice cream, and be out for awhile. This plan is great for a winter date night, girl’s night out, and family-friendly winter activity.

Spend a winter night out in Minneapolis by restaurant hopping. You’ll be making 5 reservation calls tonight. For 5 different restaurants. 5 different foods. And maybe, 5 different wines? How perfect does that sound?!

Not in Minneapolis? No problem! This idea is great anywhere. We would love to hear places to explore in other cities and put them on our places we must visit list! Add these places to your list if you plan on dropping by Minnesota, you won’t be sorry!

Course/Restaurant #1:

Restaurant: Agra Culture | agra-culture.com

Food: Chicken Prosciutto Caesar Salad (1 order, everyone shares! Remember, 4 more courses to go!)


Course/Restaurant #2:

Restaurant: The Copper Hen | copperhenkitchen.com

Food: Choose a selection from the Wooden Boards to share

1114-CopperHen-640 (1)

Course/Restaurant #3

Restaurant: The Lowry | thelowryuptown.com

Food: Dozen Baked Oysters to share


Course/Restaurant #4

Restaurant: Butcher and the Boar | butcherandtheboar.com

Food: Main Course – EVERYTHING is delicious!


Course/Restaurant #5

Restaurant: The French Meadow Cafe | frenchmeadowcafe.com

Food: Dessert Time! They have a big selection – our favorite, anything chocolate


Enjoy the food coma, it will be well worth it!

XO, Champagne & Rosé



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