11 Social Media Posts No One Cares To See

Welcome to social media etiquette 101. Here are a few things you should avoid posting if you don’t want to make your followers roll their eyes and scroll over your posts as quickly as possible.

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19 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful

How To Be Successful

We all want to be successful. No one dreams of failure or mediocracy but somehow, we let life get in the way. Our method to success? Start with stopping. Get rid of the things holding you back and you will start to see more clearly how to be successful.

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8 Things You Need More Than a Ring

People often ask, when are you getting married? What’s your plan? Why hasn’t it happened yet? Well let us tell you, we have other plans first. Now, to the engaged or married ladies, we’re not saying that we think it’s wrong that you got that ring. We’re simply saying, we’re not thinking about that yet. Continue reading

How To Host A Fondue Party

Fondue Party


We recently had the pleasure of hosting a fondue party. We needed a good excuse to get everyone together. It wasn’t particularly nice outside so we had to think of something fun to do indoors that allowed people to come and go without missing out on the festivities. Fonduing was a great success and everyone loved the fondue party idea. No doubt will we be coming up with more excuses to throw another one!  Here’s how you can host your own fondue party for any occasion!

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If Leo Can Win an Oscar, You Can Get Through Today

Leonardo Dicaprio wins his first Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar Award after 16 years. What can you do?

In case you’ve been locked in a wi-fi free dungeon for the past 3 days, you’ve heard of the greatness that occurred this past Sunday. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. Since his Oscar nomination debut in 1993 for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” Leo has received a total of 5 Oscar nominations for Best Actor. All of which have slipped through his fingers, until Sunday. As the nation held it’s breath, Leo was announced the winner of the Best Actor Award for his role in “The Revenant.” 16 years finally lead him to his grand moment, when he dazzled fans with his acceptance speech.
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