How To Host A Fondue Party


We recently had the pleasure of hosting a fondue party. We needed a good excuse to get everyone together. It wasn’t particularly nice outside so we had to think of something fun to do indoors that allowed people to come and go without missing out on the festivities. Fonduing was a great success and everyone loved the fondue party idea. No doubt will we be coming up with more excuses to throw another one!  Here’s how you can host your own fondue party for any occasion!

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  • First things first, pick a theme. Is this just any old dinner party or would you like a theme to go off of? This will help determine your food and decorations. Fiesta, tropical, Italian, or even just a specific color can be used to inspire the party. We spruced ours up with some black, white, and gold table decorations.


  • Send out the invites and get a head count. We were supplying the fondue and asked all guests to bring something to share. We got an estimate of how many people would be attending so we could tell our guests about how much food to bring. Even if you’re supplying everything yourself, RSVPs are important!

Host a fondue party

  • Find the recipes. We had a meat, cheese, and chocolate fondue. We headed to Pinterest to find some easy but likeable recipes for each.


  • Drinks?! In our opinion, a party ain’t a party without something fun to drink. We put together a mimosa bar with different kinds of juices and fruit garnishes. And of course endless champagne.

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  • Prep the food a day or two before. Wash, cut, and prep everything you’ll be serving so it’s ready to be set out.Mix together the fondue ingredients so it’s ready to melt. This makes the day of the party sooo much easier.

Fondue Party

  • Make sure you have enough flame fuel. You wouldn’t want to run out of heat! This is crucial to keep the party going!


  • Set up serving bowls. There are a lot of things that go into fondue. Make sure you have serving bowls and utensils to put everything in. Also have a cutting board and several knives on hand to chop up refills or whatever guests might bring. It doesn’t hurt to find some cute serving bowls that match your decor/theme too!

How to Host a Fondue Party

How to Host a Fondue Party

  • Have extra fondue sticks ready. We bought extra wooden sticks so we didn’t have to keep reusing the ones that come with the fondue pots. Also have more plates than guest. The plates get messy quick and should be able to be tossed away.


  • Label everything. Once the food is out, label all the items you have out and make sure to be sensitive to any food allergies or dietary restrictions. The labels can be part of your decoration too! I used cute cut out gift tags and used decorative clothes pins to prop them up. Easy decor!


  • Start the flames, finish decorating and wait for guests to arrive and enjoy!

How to host a fondue party

How to host a fondue party

We had such a blast at our fondue and mimosa party! We can’t wait to come up with more themed parties to host and new recipes to try!

Hope you enjoyed! Can’t wait to hear about your fabulous fondue party!


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