8 Things You Need More Than a Ring

People often ask, when are you getting married? What’s your plan? Why hasn’t it happened yet? Well let us tell you, we have other plans first. Now, to the engaged or married ladies, we’re not saying that we think it’s wrong that you got that ring. We’re simply saying, we’re not thinking about that yet.

Many of us ladies fixate our moods towards our significant others on wondering why hasn’t he asked you yet? And let’s be honest, those feelings are driven a lot by seeing all our friends getting engaged, your mind starts wandering, you start dreaming and there you are… thinking about that ring and wondering why you don’t have one.

So, let’s stop worrying about getting engaged and start thinking about other things that you need more than a ring!

1.You need lifelong friends. 

No matter how great your guy is, you’ll always need your girlfriends to run to, to vent to, to have dance parties with. Some things guys just don’t understand. Create those lifelong friends, you’ll need them forever.

2. Career you love!

There’s more to life than romance, it’s time you be a hell of a career woman! It’s 2016, and you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. So make sure that you have your own life and you’re not just a parasite feeding off of his.

3. Happiness within. 

If you’re not happy with your life because you don’t have a ring on your finger, then you probably shouldn’t be engaged yet. You need to find happiness on your own, you need to be whole without a man.

4. Good health. 

Deep down are you happy with your health and fitness? Now is the time to step up the game! Make yourself look and feel the best you can, and do it for yourself, not for him.

5. Self-worth. 

Do you love yourself? Sounds a little selfish but don’t let it be! You need to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else.

6. You need culture. 

Book a ticket and explore a new country, new state, where ever it may be, but you need more understanding of different cultures. Before you can understand someone deep down, you need to have an open mind about different lifestyles, beliefs, family’s, etc. What better way to do that then grabbing a girlfriend and hopping on a plane!

7. Long term goals! 

There is no better feeling then seeing your goal being accomplished! Whether you have career aspirations, life plans, or simply a kickass bucket lists, you need to be living life to the fullest!

8. Financially set. 

Learn how to invest, plan and save. Money is a huge issue in a lot of relationships, so whatever the outcome might be with your relationship, make sure you’ll always be good!



Whitney & Andrea

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