19 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful

We all want to be successful. No one dreams of failure or mediocracy but somehow, we let life get in the way. Our method to success? Start with stopping. Get rid of the things holding you back and you will start to see more clearly how to be successful.

How To Be Successful1. Stop doing busy work

Sometimes, we busy ourselves with things that aren’t important. We convince ourselves they are things that must be done and get satisfaction from checking them off our list of to-dos. This can distract us from our goals and confuse our priorities.

2. Stop putting up a front

If you want to be successful, you need to be yourself.

3. Stop saving it for later

Later should not be a word in your vocabulary. The time is now. Whatever opportunity you have in front of you, take it by the horns. You should know by know which ones will benefit you and which ones are a waste of your time. Choose carefully, but don’t take too much time to act upon it. There are plenty of people waiting to take your place.

4. Stop being comfortable

As soon as you get comfortable, it’s time to move on. The more uncomfortable you are, the more you’ll find solutions to problems, answers to questions and new knowledge to gain.

5. Stop shooting in the dark

Stop doing things just to do them. Have goals, as simple or as complex as they might be.

6. Stop burning bridges before they are built

Humans are naturally judgmental. Before we even meet people, we start to judge them and often, we decide we don’t need to get to know them any further. Take the time to genuinely learn about people. You’ll be surprised the kind of opportunities will arise from making connections with people.

7. Stop playing it safe

The magic happens when you leave your comfort zone.

8. Stop complaining

This is tough but if you make it a habit to stop yourself every time you start to complain, you’ll notice your day gets brighten and the people around you just may become more positive too.

9. Stop working for things you don’t care about

Unhappy at your job? Find one that does make you happy. Tired of your relationship? Leave. Friends bringing you down? Spend some time alone. Once you get rid of the toxic things in your life, you’ll have space for new ones to fall into place.

10. Stop getting distracted

Cat videos, subscription emails, group messages. You get the point.

11. Stop looking for “the one”

Nothing can distract you more from your goals than wasting time searching for a significant other. They will come to you. Don’t push things that aren’t meant to be. Read 8 Things You Need More Than a Ring for more of our thoughts on this. 

12. Stop rushing through things

Deadlines and a full task lists are a very real thing but don’t compromise the quality of you work in order to get things done quicker.

13. Stop pressing Snooze

Do you really need that extra 18 minutes of sleep?

14. Stop eating crap

It may not seem related to success, but what you eat is a major factor. If you eliminate the bad and start putting in the good, you’re going to feel better, have better focus, and more energy to do the things you need to do!

15. Stop getting frustrated

Work through your problems and work with people with patience. You’ll learn a lot, get things done through completion, and save yourself a lot of stress.

16. Stop being realistic

Will Smith made a great point. He said successful people are rarely realistic. You have to think of new, unthinkable possibilities in order to be great. Stretch yourself, get uncomfortable, try new things and learn from your mistakes.

17. Stop looking for the easy route

Life hacks are great but some can be harmful to your success. Work through things and learn how to do them thoroughly. Don’t cheat yourself from success.

18. Keep “grinding”

If everyday you’re working hard and pushing yourself, there is no way you’re not going end up successful. Even if you don’t have specific goals, just keep moving forward and be amazed at where you end up.

19. Stop setting Limits

Did you reach your goal? Great, take it farther.

How can you be successful? Start by stopping, then go get em tiger.


Andrea & Whitney


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