11 Social Media Posts No One Cares To See

Welcome to social media etiquette 101. Here are a few things you should avoid posting if you don’t want to make your followers roll their eyes and scroll over your posts as quickly as possible.

1. You on the dance floor.


Shocking, but no one cares to see a dark picture of you and your friends staring upwards at the camera with streaks of neon lights across your face.

2. Your dog sleeping.


It’s only cute if its yours. There I said it.

3. Your kid sleeping. 

See above.

4. What you’re cooking.


Although we’re all very proud that you can make homemade fried rice on your stove top, we’re currently at home enjoying take out. So skip the mid skillet-flip pic.

5. You with a snap chat filter over your face.

We’ve all tested out the puking rainbows filter. We don’t need to see it again.

6. You drink at the bar.


“Oh a beer! Just how I remember it looking. Oh, you at the  bar! Just where I figured you’d be.”

7. Your entire meal prep layout for the week.


Chicken, broccoli, brown rice, repeat.

8.A foot selfie on the beach.


Been there, done that, took the picture. Don’t post it.

9. A snapshot of your morning coffee

Unless you’ve created a masterpiece with the foam on your latte, we don’t need to see that you’re doing what most adults do every morning.

10. Your view of the sunset

It’s just not as good in pictures as it is in person.

11. A video of the song playing on your radio


PLEASE save us all the agony. Under no circumstances do we need to hear what song came on you radio at any point ever. Don’t make me buy this shirt.

Thanks for reading!


Andrea & Whitney



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