An Open Letter to the Men & Women Acting Like Boys & Girls

Unhappy Couple

This morning on my way to work, I was listening to the radio when a commercial came on that sparked a mini outrage in me. It was a man and woman bickering about paint colors or something of the sorts. The conversation, although way too cliché, was admittedly  somewhat humorous but it was the end of the commercial that caught me. The announcer says “…they both learned a lot that day, but most importantly, Dan learned that a shopping day with his wife earns him a fun night out with the boys.” What?! I’ve heard things like this before but for some reason, this one floored me.  Continue reading


That Magical Illusion: Salon Rouge

I’m walking up 13th street when I spot the cutest little red and white stripped overhang, big windows decorated with beautiful red drapes, a chandelier surrounded by vintage decor and a sign that says Salon Rouge in the classiest way. I got that nervous yet excited feel in my stomach, knowing that I am about to step into a place that creates a magical illusion of feeling like you’ve stepped into a European salon.

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In Review: Envision Spring 2016 Fashion Show

MN Fashion Week Envision Spring 2016

Photo Credits: Josh Stokes and Tyler Allix, courtesy of Envision

As the dust settles over another busy week for fashion lovers and stylists, we find ourselves reminiscing on our favorite part of Fashion Week MN. That is the Ignite Model’s Envision fashion show which showcased 9 local designers featuring 7 looks each. This season’s show left us absolutely dazzled. Continue reading