In Review: Envision Spring 2016 Fashion Show

Photo Credits: Josh Stokes and Tyler Allix, courtesy of Envision

As the dust settles over another busy week for fashion lovers and stylists, we find ourselves reminiscing on our favorite part of Fashion Week MN. That is the Ignite Model’s Envision fashion show which showcased 9 local designers featuring 7 looks each. This season’s show left us absolutely dazzled.

The setting by Grace Klein and the music from Monsieur Adi incredibly encompassed the designers’ visions coming to life across the runway. Jahna Peloquin, co-founder of Fashion Week MN and Minnesota Monthly’s Style Editor, said, “Nearly every collection shown demonstrated craftsmanship, precision, imagination, and interpretations of current trends..” and we couldn’t agree with her more. Each designer presented Minneapolis with unique looks, but of course, there were some that had us talking a bit more than others.

1. Jenny Carle

Kicking off the show, was an Envision veteran. The looks she brought to the show were renditions of iconic, up-scale 70’s and 90’s trends. A silk kaleidoscope fabric was used several times in her collection in different ways. Although a fun throwback, I’m not sure if it was quite the look we were hoping for. She did pull through with a lovable black lace-up jump suit, paired with a pink felt hat and tan wedges; a look we were instantly envious of. Carle drew some inspiration from the 90s movie Clueless with several chic dresses. Overall, a nice line but nothing that stirred the crowd.

Jenny Carle Envision Spring 2016


Jenny Carle Envision Spring 2016

Jenny Carle Envision Spring 2016


2. Joeleen Torvick

While Carle was taking us back to previous decades, Torvick came in and brought us to another world. Neutral colors with a neon pop, accessorized with wooden and gold chunky jewelry all came together in an exotic way. The way Torvick pieced together the articles gave her line a luxurious, yet approachable look that the models wore effortlessly.

Joeleen Torvick Envision Spring 2016

Joeleen Torvick Envision Spring 2016


Joeleen Torvick Envision Spring 2016

3. Hiccup by Handley

This line was incredibly entertaining and eye catching for the runway. Bright colors, tassles, flowy fabric, and large retro patterns made for a dazzling experience. Handley really nailed the whimsical Spring look, however we’re not sure how well the clothing would perform off the runway. The colors and patterns couldn’t distract from how uncomfortable the models looked in the unflattering high-wasited bikinis and starchy two-pieces. It seemed the designer put a lot of focus into the wow-factor but not so much into practicality. Overall, she created a fun experience and there’s a lot of potential for future clothing.

Hiccup by Handley Envision Spring 2016

Hiccup by Handley Envision Spring 2016

Hiccup by Handley Envision Spring 2016


4. Russell Bourrienne

Not only were we excited to see an all-men’s fashion line come out, we were extremely pleased to see this line come out. Bourrienne knows how to combine daper and artistic  in an intriguing way we didn’t even know existed. Just when we thought we were so over paisley, Bourrienne brought it to life on the runway.  He paired a single paisley piece with some fairly simple, yet up-scale pieces to mellow out the eccentric patterns. Add his apparent love for messenger bags, nice ties and stand-out shoes to the mix, and we’ve got a look that turns heads. Great for men who like to mix and match and who might still be trying to establish their style.

Russell Bourrienne Envision Spring 2016

Russell Bourrienne Envision Spring 2016


5. Kjurek

Cue up our favorite designer from the show. We were slighty unsure what to expect when this line was introduced but instantly fell in love when the first model walked out wearing a girly boho dress and kimono and layered fringe necklaces. The excitement only continued from there. It was tough to choose, but our absolute favorite piece from Kjurek has to be the emerald green tunic fringe dress. TO DIE FOR!

Just when we thought bleach-dye, fringes, and the whole boho look in general were about to die out, Kjurek brought it back with a new, sophisticated spin that we cannot wait to get our hands on!

Kjurek Envision Spring 2016


Kjurek Envision Spring 2016

Kjurek Envision Spring 2016


6. Form Over Function

Form Over Function..the good, the great, and the puzzling. Like the crazy friend you can’t take anywhere but also can’t help but love. The men’s gear had out heads spinning. Some of it looked like the materials were old seat belt’s woven together, then paired with seat leather. We’re all for creativity but couldn’t quite grasp the inspiration behind this. The women’s wear however, reeled us back into reality and had us giving a thumbs up to this line…we think.

Form Over Function Envision Spring 2016





7. Cliché

Something about the Spring line from this boutique was immensely captivating. It could’ve been the bold yet mellow colors, the round white shades adorning every model, or hints of retro and futuristic. Most likely, it was a mix of it all. One thing we do know, is that these looks are going to be so hot this year, keep your eyes. We love that these are quality, staple pieces that can easily mix in with clothes we already have in our closet! Look out Spring 2016, here comes Cliché!

Cliché Envision Spring 2016




MN Fashion Week Envision Spring 2016

8. Cory Allen

We were more than ready to welcome another all-male line back to the runway and Allen did not disappoint! Bel-air flair met Arizona rodeo with this line and we had nothing but good things to say. And no, the fact that an attractive man in a speedo was part of this set had nothing to do with our positive vibes towards it! The overall color scheme was one of the highlights of this look. Baby blue, salmon, muted neutrals and pops of deep hues looked stunning on the runway. Of course, the crowd went wild when the last model strutted his stuff in nothing but a horse print speedo and aviators. Well played Allen, well played.

Cory Allen Envision Spring 2016

Cory Allen Envision Spring 2016


Cory Allen Envision Spring 2016

9. Emily Trevor

Trevor must have known she would be the grand finale from the start. Like the end of a fireworks show, Trevor quite literally lit up the runway with her spring line. We’re talking pastels, fur, florals, and lots of sequins that made up 7 outfits we could not stop staring at. We were mildly disappointed at the attempt to fuse sporty, girly, and hipster but she somehow pulled it off flawlessly. Given the chance, I doubt many  females would look at her line and say “I would never wear that” despite the audacity of some of the pieces. Bravo on dazzling us in the final loop Emily Trevor!

Emily Trevor Envision Spring 2016

Emily Trevor Envision Spring 2016


Ignite Model’s Envision has once again amazed. The amount of production and planning that goes into these shows is so evident. All that is happening in the Minneapolis fashion scene is so riveting and influential. We love being a part of it. See you at the 10 year anniversary, Envision!

Fashion Week MN Spring 2016


Andrea & Whitney

Photo Credits: Josh Stokes and Tyler Allix, courtesy of Envision


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