That Magical Illusion: Salon Rouge

I’m walking up 13th street when I spot the cutest little red and white stripped overhang, big windows decorated with beautiful red drapes, a chandelier surrounded by vintage decor and a sign that says Salon Rouge in the classiest way. I got that nervous yet excited feel in my stomach, knowing that I am about to step into a place that creates a magical illusion of feeling like you’ve stepped into a European salon.


I walk in, get to the second step and stop. I had to take it all in, snap a picture and look around. I’m being serious when I say, it was a whole different world. I get to the bottom step and am greeted right away by Jeffrey asking if I’m Andrea. (talk about an awesome experience right from the start!) He lets me know that Tasha will be right with me and offers me a glass of water. While I waited, I was greeted by the cute little dog running around, while I sat in a beautiful red Victorian chair and watched the fire going in the fireplace (on a TV screen), scanned their top of the line hair products, a chicken sculpture and unique wall decor that kept my eyes constantly moving around.

checkoutform (1)

Now I’ll be honest, I was one of those people who purchased a Groupon, and after reading some of the negative reviews about how poorly people were treated after telling them they had a Groupon I got a little nervous! I thought about telling Tasha that I am a blogger and will be writing a review but decided not to. Instead, I decided to really share the honest experience I had at Salon Rouge. So to all of those negative comments, I would like to put you to shame. My experience was amazing, all from the very beginning to the very end. Not only did Tasha do an amazing job on my hair, but from my observations every client they had were so happy with their results and were treated so well during their appointment.

I strongly recommend Salon Rouge located in Minneapolis to anybody and everybody! They did an amazing job on my hair (pictures coming soon) and treated me so well! The environment is so inviting and beautiful, the employees are kind and caring, and the hair products are to die for!

SR_sinksformSR-Other-CU+CupsSR-Pdt-KevinMurphy-WideInterior-Salon-Rougeform (1)

Give them a call and schedule your appointment today!

6 – 13th Street South

Minneapolis, MN 55403

(612) 374 – 2201




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