Let Go & Have a STAY-cation

Ah vacation. How many of us just wish we could escape from the crazy day-to-day responsibilities to somewhere far, far away for a week filled with sun, relaxation and fun!

If you got yourself in a runt where traveling costs, restaurants, hotels, etc. is starting to add up and you just can’t seem to get away, then what better vacation then a STAY-cation!

Okay, okay, doesn’t sound to great, right!? But you can make it amazing by following these simple rules:

  1. Phone off.
  2. All electronics stored far away.
  3. No cooking.
  4. No worrying.
  5. Absolutely no responsibilities.

Next step, plan for fun just like you would if you were escaping to a destination. Start by setting a realistic budget, set money aside for restaurants, tourist attractions, or anything that you might want to splurge on that you normally wouldn’t.

Spend the weekend before your STAY-cation cleaning your house, lawn care, laundry, anything that might prevent you from enjoying a relaxing weekend.

NOW… time to start officially getting your STAY-cation ready! Need ideas? We’ve got some!

  1. Picnic at a State Park – before you head out, pack a picnic, bug spray, and don’t forget your camera!

IMG_6023 copy.jpg

2. Camp in your own backyard! Pitch a tent in the backyard, make a fire, bring the Smore supplies and do not, by any means, enter your house! Okay, okay maybe just for the bathroom, but that is it!

3. Get wet! Go to a beach, waterpark, pool, just find water!!


4. Play outside – remember when you were little and you would spend your days just playing outside? It felt like vacation every single day. Well, you can still do that! Go buy a kite, frisbee, toss the football around, etc. just spend your day playing in the sun!

5. Go paddle-boarding or canoeing. If there’s a river, lake, ocean, whatever it might be the chances are pretty good that they’ll have a rental facility. Have fun testing out your skills on the water!

The hardest part about “relaxing” at home is learning to just let go. So this summer make it a point to turn that phone off, stop worrying about responsibilities and take a weekend to just unwind and have a STAY-cation!


Whitney & Andrea



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