The Westin Lake Las Vegas

If you’re someone who thinks Vegas is interesting for about two hours and then you just want to escape the craziness then you will love the Westin Lake Las Vegas. This is my third time coming here and every time I am just in awe of how beautiful it is. The interior and exterior is filled with beautiful Moroccan detailing, the customer service is sensational and the amenities are endless!

Just a short drive outside of Las Vegas you will be surrounded by a total change of scenery. Palm trees, mountain views and the extravagant golf course surround the hotel. You literally can’t believe you’re so close to Vegas!

We spent our days at the pool where we were greeted with some bubbly, we ate amazing calamari, pretzel bun cheeseburgers, breakfast that made you think you’re in heaven and the best sweet potato fries you could ever ask for! Nights were spent sitting outside on the extremely comfy furniture as nightly fires provided a comfy option to lay back and enjoy the sun setting into the mountains. What I love about this hotel the most is that it creates memories. It isn’t just a place where you rest your head at night, but a place where you build stories for years to come. I highly suggest it to anyone looking for a quiet and relaxing escape to unwind and refresh.

Westin-Lake-Las-Vegas-26 copy

This is the beautiful entrance to the hotel. You’re greeted by very kind men that open the doors for you, unload the car for you and escort you to your room.

IMG_1588 copyWestin-Lake-Las-Vegas-Nuala-Pool copy

They have two pools, children’s and adults. A waterslide, hot tub, a lake to kayak, canoe and paddleboat on. And yes, you’re served delicious drinks the entire time.

IMG_1414 copyIMG_1400 copy copyIMG_1394 copyIMG_1383 copy copyIMG_1362 copy

They have Starbucks in the hotel… Win. Win. Win!

IMG_1381 copy copyIMG_1349 copy copy

My sister just kept saying, I need someone to propose to me right here! It’s quiet magical.

IMG_1356 copy copyIMG_1339 copyIMG_1244 copy

We sat here every morning and every night. Something about this environment just brought calmness within you.IMG_1237 copyIMG_1233 copy copyIMG_1255 copy copy

Booking a ticket yet?? Here’s the link to this amazing place:

Trust me, it will be so hard to say goodbye.


Whitney & Andrea

Where to stay in Las Vegas if you want to stay off strip



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