Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s here!! Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is open to the public today and our carts are just adding up… and we’re not sorry! Let’s be honest, the top 3 events any woman in America look forward to every year is… Fashion Week, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s that one time where you can’t feel guilty for splurging, because let’s face it, the prices are a steal for how good the quality of the clothes, jewelry and shoes are!  Continue reading


Yes You Can | Wear Black in the Summer

Black summer outfit with pink purse


We adore the moments we spend together getting creative and visualizing something we want to share. On this particular photoshoot, we were whisked away by the sights and photo opportunities of historic St. Paul. If there are three things we love, it’s summer,  the color black and our pretty little city of St. Paul, Minnesota. So naturally, we set out to incorporate them all.  Continue reading

Boho Betty for Every Occassion

We’re definitely one of those girls that go into a store and stare at the jewelry selection for an abnormal amount of time. Sometimes we just walk away so people don’t think we’re completely crazy. Can you relate!? Realistically it’s hard finding that affordable, but yet not too cheap of a look, stylish and fun jewelry that resembles exactly who you are.

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