Yes You Can | Wear Black in the Summer


We adore the moments we spend together getting creative and visualizing something we want to share. On this particular photoshoot, we were whisked away by the sights and photo opportunities of historic St. Paul. If there are three things we love, it’s summer,  the color black and our pretty little city of St. Paul, Minnesota. So naturally, we set out to incorporate them all. 

After a bit of exploring we pulled into what looked like an old train station. The space still held true to its old brick walls, large wooden beams, and displays of actual train cars. The building was renovated with brightly colored walls, large staircases, and gorgeous skyways over looking a lush green courtyard. We were delighted to have stumbled upon such a neat space to help share ways we’re still wearing black this summer when every one says we can’t (P.S. those people are crazy).

Of course, sharing ways to wear black in the Summer was our main focus but we wanted to share another “Yes you can!” moment we had.

We both sat down to take a break from exploring and photographing in the middle of the train station floor. We got to talking and soon enough we were talking about how uncertain we were of what the future holds and if we could even accomplish all that we wanted. It didn’t take long, however, until a wave of serenity washed over the both of us and we looked at each other and told ourselves “Yes we can!”

We’re a long way from where we want to be but we’ve come a long way from the start too.  The only thing we need to do is keep going! That’s it!

No amount of fear or worry can stop you if you push through it. Doubts will creep in if you let them. Worry will consume you if you don’t decide to be confident in yourself instead. If you want something, don’t stop thinking about it! Obsess over it.What are your dreams? Chase them. Envision the worst thing that could possibly happen if you did. I guarantee it’s not that bad and probably an unlikely outcome. The benefits? Well at the very least you’ll be proud that you even started. The rest will follow.

Black summer outfits for womenBlack summer outfitBlack summer outfitBlack summer outfit with pink purseBlack summer outfitBlack summer outfit with pink purseBlack and pink outfitBlack summer outfit with pink purseBlack summer outfitBlack and white summer outfitWe hope you’re excited for you future and content with the here and now. We know we are! Remember, yes you can!


Andrea & Whitney



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