Growing up in a Broken English Home

Recently my sister posted a video about growing up with parents who speak broken English. When I first started watching it I thought, wow, how incredibly selfish of them to be turning their parent’s hardships into their own. Not even half way through I was about to turn it off until a girl started crying about how she never had help writing those English papers. I broke down, had snot coming out my nose and mascara streaks going down my cheeks. Continue reading


Shopping with Whit & Dre

Summer one piece outfits with flare

If you saw on this whole Snapchat Instagram thing we’ve got going now (give us a follow!) you saw that our mission this week was to have our boyfriends become best friends. Best way to do that? Beer and a grill. Five minutes into our double date they started talking about golf so we knew that this was the perfect time to slip out to our shoot. Continue reading

Why I quit my job without a backup plan

Two weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk staring at the computer screen feeling exhausted and mentally drained. I had gotten plenty of sleep the night before and there wasn’t anything in particular stressing me out. I was simply tired of sitting at a desk finding things to do to keep a paycheck coming. Overall, my job wasn’t bad either. But the work I was doing had nothing to do with the life I wanted to live.  Continue reading