September: A month of transitions

Happy September loves! I’m going to go ahead and throw in a cliché “I can’t believe it’s September already” statement, because I truly cannot and I’m sure you feel the same. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the month of September. The month is always filled with changes, which are usually great and exciting but also slightly chaotic.


At Champagne and Rosé, we’ve been talking a lot about some of those upcoming changes. Some are inevitable such as moving, new jobs, school starting, and the shifting of season (and thus, our wardrobes) to name a few. On top of all that, we’ve decided to make some positive lifestyle changes too.

Just the other night, we talked about the need to surround ourself with positive influences and conversation, rather than focusing on the negative. It’s easy to talk poorly about others or even yourself. We too easily get wrapped up in gossip and putting others down. Instead, we’re going to try to talk about what inspires us and how we can feel more accomplished. It’s a harder switch than you might think but try it some time and notice how much better it makes you feel! Simple therapy!  And it’s crazy how inspired and simply better you feel just by shifting your conversation or introducing yourself to someone new.

Back to school outfits

Although superficial, we’re starting to think quite a lot about our fall wardrobes. If you’re like us, you have a huge urge to go out and shop for an entirely new fall wardrobe the second the trends hit the stores. But you also A) cannot afford to do so and B) are battling weather that cannot make up it’s mind. One day it’s chilly and windy, the next it’s hot and humid. How does one plan a wardrobe around that?!

Some of our favorite tricks are to pair bright cut-out summer tops with skinny jeans and booties or sport a short sleeved sweater as part of a fall-inspired neutral outfit.

Summer to Fall transition outfitsSummer to Fall transition outfits

Even something as simple as wearing a deeper, bolder lipstick color can add a fall flare to a summery outfit.

Summer to fall transition outfitsSummer to Fall transition outfits

Booties are your absolute best friend during this transitional month! We go strappy on the warmer days and sneaker or saddle style for the cooler days. We’ve been waiting on summer to break our booties out again and we’re finding any excuse to wear them! Sandal season, it’s been real but these booties have our heart.

Summer to Fall transition outfitsSummer to Fall transition outfits

A few other great outfit combos this month would be an off the shoulder top + a light scarf + skinnies + strappy booties. A light long sleeve + high waisted mini skirt + thigh high socks + booties. Muted jewel tones, berry tones, and neutral colors are going to be all over the place this fall, so work some magic with those color combos and you’ll be good to go!

Summer to Fall transition outfitsWe cannot wait to see how this month unfolds with all the new changes coming up. We’re working hard to build ourselves as better bloggers and better people all around. We love sharing our fashion and lifestyle advice with you guys and would love to hear some of yours as well!

Thanks for reading and happy fall!


Andrea & Whitney

Summer to Fall transition outfits


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