Where Everything is Pink + White

My trip to Palm Beach, Florida was more of learning about myself, cultures, and human interactions, rather then the whole concept of a vacation, something I did not expect. As mentioned in my Growing up in a Broken English Home post, my dad is a bodyguard, he spends half the month working in Palm Beach and the other half in Minnesota. So I took full advantage of booking a flight and visiting while he was there!

I had this whole agenda of things to do and ended up spending all day at the beach. I don’t remember the last time I was so mentally relaxed in my life! To be honest, this was actually really rewarding that I was able to just sit, read a book and not have my brain going a mile a minute, as it usually does. For some reason my thought process is always about living today like it’s your last day on earth. It’s a good logic to live by, but it can also get you in trouble, it prevents you from relaxing and finding peace. So to be able to just sit there, look off into the ocean, watch the dogs jump the waves and enjoy that salty breeze through your hair was such a success for myself.

Even though I was completely mesmerized by the palm trees, the cute hidden alleyways and the warm ocean water, I was so in love with how genuine people were there. There wasn’t the passive aggressive behavior that we’re famously known for here in Minnesota. I love traveling and learning new ways of thinking. It allows you to have an open mind and think about your future interactions, along with how you present yourself.

One thing I absolutely loved about Palm Beach is that everything was white and pink, simple and has so much history. Though my goal was to carry my Canon around and take some pretty sweet shots, I brought it with myself once and never again. I didn’t want my concentration to be on what “shot” would look the best, instead, I wanted to soak it all in as much as possible and truly live in the moment without any distractions.


Pink walls, every where.


Homemade Sangria that gets you tipsy in two sips.


Dads condo has the cutest tables and decor, and everything is white!


Worth Avenue, perfection. Shop all high ends stores and live in fashion envy.


I recently started getting really into yoga, so of course, had to do that yoga pose picture.


My daddy.


This was my view as I walked to the beach everyday, perfection. But I did always have to look down so I don’t step on any little lizards.






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