F&F for Hy-Vee & $100 Giveaway!

Getting older, you really start treasuring certain memories, for example, being 7 years old and running to your local small town grocery store, Hy-Vee, to get that free chocolate chip cookie after school. Five years after moving up to the cities, Hy-Vee started opening up stores like wild fire. All we kept hearing was people raving about how great it is, affordable and how the options are endless. So we decided to hop on the bandwagon and headed out to see what all the talk is about! Walking up to the store brought back those childhood memories and awakened a new shopping experience.


Store: Eagan, MN

Walk in, first thing you see is dessert galore, if you’re speed walking, you definitely slow down immediately. You’ve got everything there, speciality deserts, donuts galore, muffins of all kinds, and a man behind the counter with a big smile on his face that’s practically  hypnotizing you to walk towards the dessert. You keep walking and find yourself surrounded by freshly prepared foods of all sorts, Asian, Pizza, Salmon, Build your own Salads, Sushi, and they’re all priced reasonably and worth every penny! The seafood selection is incredible, it’s so hard to find a big selection of fish in the Twin Cities without breaking the bank, Hy-Vee definitely takes the win for this department! The isles are stocked with ethic foods, gluten/dairy free options, organic, and the best part, it has the most incredible candy isle! Win! All of the above is great and all, but it wasn’t until this one specific department that just made us completely fall in love! Are you ready?……. They have a clothing store!!! Whaaaaat?? And it is quiet amazing in many aspects.


So without further-a-do, we are happy to announce that Hy-Vee has partnered with F&F, a British-inspired fashion label that carries clothing for the whole family! All the pieces are exclusive, fashionable and the fabric quality is outstanding! The options range from professional work attire to cozy chic and even fashionable workout outfits! The customer service in inviting and enjoys helping you create that perfect outfit to go home with.


Details about our outfits:

Andrea: This seasons hottest trend is the sleeveless cardigan, so when I saw this piece I couldn’t resist! It has a pattern mixture of black, grey and white with a collar that perfectly forms to your body. If you’re like me and love wearing leggings, this is a perfect piece to cover that booty. Pair it with a bold purse and some cute heels and you’ll be the hottest date!

I also ended up buying their jeans, which is a shocking thing for me to do.. I’m not a jean fan! But, I ended up walking by their huge selection of jeans and just couldn’t resist, they were way too cute to pass up! After trying them on (not expecting they would work at all) I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable, form fitting and wonderful they looked!  Can’t wait to go back and get myself another pair!


Whitney: I’m a true lover of denim, so naturally I could not resist this all-denim dress when I saw it hanging at F&F. It caught my eye almost right away but I was hesitant because it seemed a bit too summery for the chilly fall weather we’re having right now. A frayed denim dress with pockets was too hard to resist so I paired it with a cozy sweater and booties and made it work! I’ve since worn this fab outfit twice!

These black and white patterned dress pants caught my eye next. Typically, I loathe the way I look in cotton or linen pants..they just do not work well with me! Still, I tried these on because I loved how funky yet classy they looked. Sure enough, they fit me perfectly and I immediately fell in love! They are insanely comfortable but are nice enough to wear to work or a night out (psst..I’ve worn them to both). Needless to say, I was very impressed with F&F and will definitely be going back. The quality and prices of the clothes are just what I need. The cashiers told me they switch things up throughout the seasons and I cannot wait to see what more they have when I return!


And now, for the best part of all! We have teamed up with Hy-Vee to host a $100 GIVEAWAY to one lucky reader!

Two ways to Enter:

Facebook: Head over to our Facebook page and follow these 3 easy steps (find our most recent post): 1. Like our Page 2. Like & Share our Post 3. Tag 3 friends


Instagram: Head over to our Instagram page and follow these 3 easy steps (find our most recent post): 1. Follow Champagne & Rosé & Hy-Vee 2. Like our Post 3. Tag 3 Friends


Winner will be announced on November 9th on Facebook & Instagram. Good luck everyone!

Also, find Hy-Vee on Social Media:


Whitney & Andrea


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