Superior Hiking Trail Adventures

I was born with a travel bug in my body and am always seeking new ways to just get out and explore a new place. This past fall I hiked up this 14 mile adventure and fell completely in love. Superior Hiking Trail to Bean and Bear Lake overlook makes me feel like I teleported to the top of the Rocky Mountains. Incredibly hard to believe that a corn filled state has hidden gems that gives me the biggest nostalgic feels of the mountains in Colorado.

We decided to make our way back up to this trail over Thanksgiving break with a four hour drive, tummy’s full, and sleepy eyes. I keep giving my dad a hard time that he can’t do these hikes anymore like he used to (he’s old, cough, cough) so I was excited to take him on this adventure that you mentally and physically need to prepare yourself for. We started off on the trail with (heavy) bags on our backs, layers upon layers (it was 28 degrees) and eyes wide and ready to explore. Shortly after hiking up the first hill I realized this is not going to be easy, the snow was 6+ inches deep, layers of ice was hiding under the snow, the ground is never even so you’re constantly having to watch your step, and we have weight on our backs (but, I was not going to be the first one to give up!). Two hours later we get to a trail intersection, ventured off on the trail to the right, just to find out (a mile later) that we took the wrong trail (might have been my fault?). Hiked our way back and continued to follow the blue markings on the trees to the top of the Bean and Bear Lake Overlook.

We (aka my dad, I was too busy taking pictures) made us a fire, boiled up some goulash, and we sat on a rock and looked over the cliff of Bean Lake in love with what we had just spent three hours hiking to. After perfecting our ten second timer shots, we packed up and headed back down, both complaining how our knees hurt (I might have been complaining more then the old man…).

We arrived to the car around 4 o’clock (started our hike at 10:20am), sweaty, thirsty, and not ready for this four hour drive back, but our hearts were so full of happiness and adventure that it was worth every obstacle to get to that overlook.

Check out our views from this trip below:





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