A Reflection on the Past Year

It has been just a little over a year now since we started this blog. Say what!? It all started with us sitting on a bench in Central Park, looking at the New York City gorgeousness and knowing that we wanted more, we wanted to accomplish more, meet amazing humans, we wanted to find a way to succeed, on our own terms.

From there we decided to start a blog that will allow us to express who we are, a blog where we can help girls with fashion, beauty, LIFE and a blog that will allow us to never stop being the creative individuals we are. It has been a year of multiple happy dances, annoying high pitched squeaks of joy and many glasses of wine toasting to a new endeavor.

Now, what’s next? We have a BIG announcement coming in January. You guys, we can barely contain our excitement. This past year of learning about blogging and ourselves has prepared us for a very exciting new journey and we cannot wait to share!

We want to wish you all with a very MERRY Christmas & a beautiful new year. We’re so thankful to have you following our journey and consider all of you the best Christmas present we could ask for!

BIG hugs & kisses!




Whitney + Andrea


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