As we sat with our wine in hand, 6 inch heels, and dresses so tight we couldn’t breath, we listened to a group of inspiring individuals talk about how grateful they are for their mentors and the path they have created for them. We both looked at one another, laughed, and realized at that moment, that we are each others greatest mentors. We have set goals together, pushed ourselves to achieve them, and strived to be the greatest we can…. together!

Champagne and Rosé represents who we are and what we love, while creating a mentorship for each and every girl that needs a little guidance with her fashion, fitness, makeup, food, etc. Join us on this journey of growing, setting goals, and becoming the best we can possibly be!

Now, want to know what makes us a great pair?

Meet Whitney

Hello! I’m Whitney. My address is in Minnesota. My heart is in New York.

I am just a designer hoping to make the world a better {looking} place.

I am a lover of health foods, oversized sweaters,the color gray, fall weather, red wine, and anything chocolate.

I own two gray cats, too many lipsticks to count, and more throw pillows than one person should probably own.

My guilty pleasures are Taylor Swift songs, PB&J’s, and online shopping.

Meet Andrea

Hi Love! I’m Andrea (Aun-drea) – Croatia is my heart, my origin, my home.

I’m a Graphic Designer and Photographer that captures and creates memories.

Fluent in sarcasm, professional chocolate inhaler and strong believer that sparkling red wine is actually a juice.

I come home everyday to a guy that is in love with Starbursts and a cat who only likes to cuddle when you’re peeing.

I like anything black, white and grey (girls who wear black lead colorful lives, duh.) – and of course gold & rose are a daily necessity.